Times Gone Bye

Remembering when I first got to hold a 35 mm in my hands and how scary it was ….it wasn’t mine ..it was a new friends camera ….. it was top of line Nikon at the time ….just stood there viewing through the eye piece …she grabbed my hand and placed it on the lens and said turn it and watch ……I am in love …I was in heaven she taught me about cameras and film and the things she was doing in school to make photos personal …..I dreamed cameras and photos for weeks ..then my husband bought me a camera from Sears ….then from that he bought me the makings for a darkroom then helped me build a dark room..He has always let me explore and grow in things, always encouraging and making sure I had top of line are at least as close to top of line in his wallet …..I am remembering to night standing in a dark kitchen with my hands in a black bag loading a roll of black and white film into a canister to process the film…… …oh it was so long ago now … going through old negatives tonight playing with my new Wolverine F2D ..turning them in to digital…….just to play with again to remember what I was trying to capture and even what I was thinking …..

Here are a few photos from the past …..both are of things I had around the house I was always finding light and enjoying the new feeling of seeing light

Same photo little different treatment in the digital form by playing with light

So tonight the trip was with and very old camera lens in a life long ago…hope you had an enjoyable time …..


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