A Memorable Job Interview

Sorry Plinky I never had a job interview.I go married really young started family.But then when my husband retired from military ,we became small business owners. Being the co-owner of a business .I was either giving the interview or allowing one of the other owners to give the interview…..I can tell you some things that did not help you get a job in our business….we had a small factory that meant you worked with others.you got dirty from sawdust and sand paper grit,so with that being said ,we still expected you to come to the interview clean,we expected you to sit up straight and answer questions in a clear understandable voice,we expected you to asks questions as well, but most of all we wanted you to remember we were the ones offering the job not you .

Now you have me on a roll….here are some of the type of people that came for interviews

young mothers with children in tow

young men with beer cans in hand

old men with dirty tee shirts and nasty beer breathe

people who told us right off the top they could not work for less then ( you can fill in the amount )because they had a college degree

ladies (use the term lightly ) with halter tops on three sizes to small

older people who let you know that they did not take orders from people younger then them

and of course there were the people that only wanted cash payments because a check meant they would loss their benefit checks

Hope this helps with this prompt ….

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