Dreams Of Riches

Dreams of being wealthy is over the moon rated..You read all the hows and how nots …you jump right in the beginning learning as you go …or at least that has been my way …..when we had the little business and sat a booth in the Mall…. for three months every years.. for 20 years ……all the little gifts and crafts we made sold and the booth was always busy …work all day come home dead tire and make more craft items to sell next day….when we stopped the mall booth sitting … all craft and craft supplies were packed away been almost five years now …this is the year to either finish everything or sell everything…for a week now I have been going through things in boxes and making myself not want to sit down and finish this or finish that …this is worst then work itself ..worrying about this or that ……taking a little breather tonight and trying to get this new part of my life caught up so I can finish a few other things this weekend ….

tomorrow is another Feng shui day here ….did this the year we packed everything up the first time ..Now we are doing it again …..starting with the laundry room which will serve as art studio and laundry for next five months ..then the real studio out back will be revamped and turned into a real studio ….but for now the everything is in transition and I am over stressed

so much so could not sleep last night ….. every time I closed my eyes I had nightmare..finding it hard to sleep …..got up and worked …worked ….worked …now my sleep pattern is really messed up ..I feel asleep around noon and slept fitfully till around three …got up worked some more …….it is nine forty pm now,,,posting tonight some photos of a tiny little candle light fairy that my daughter in law gave me last Christmas ..this little fairy sits in my kitchen window ,,,I took her candle and litit and used it as the only light to use for her photo ..I then took the photo in Picasa3 and did a zoom,,screen printed and cropped and played with b&W and focal colour ..hope you like her


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