Staying Focus with Feng shui

When things become out of wack in in my life lately I turn to my favorite book CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER WITH FENG SHUIby Karen Kingston …..… have owned five copies so far and can never grow weary of reading it ..I have owned that many copies because friends forget how to return it ,and I am to embarrassed to ask for it back…
so I have been reading parts of it on the internet last few days , because my daughter borrowed the last copy when she moved out. I needed to refresh some thoughts about moving things …..
Please visit Karen ‘s site for lots of great info on Space Clearing

so today’s photo is a few hit and miss photos from a quick walk around the yard ….actualy it is more of a fun time play photo I have been meaning to play more with a program called Picnik
its a neat little site with lots of things to do with your photos …lots of fun ideas there….

Back to Feng shui ..I am picking up each thing and rethinking if I still need it ,want it,,are have to burden myself with the traces it carries….so it is dusty and hard to let go of things that once meant something and had a purpose so it has been a real long day and many more hours to go before I am done …..

Tonight’s photo are really cold looking the colours this time of year is always a little blue cast in tones

photo #1 is of the flag off the end of our patio here in North Pole

Photo#2 is of my husbands favourite tree ..he planted it back in the late 90’s and babied it through many winters and bugs infestations …this is the photo I played with in picnik by adding a mat and frame …

is of a little bird at the feeder on the patio …..

Hoping you again have enjoyed the travels of me and camera lens …….


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  1. jeremy
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 21:31:18



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