Feng Shui Continues

I have been up to my elbows and eyebrows in memories and dirt ….It is taking me forever it seems to get rid of all the past dirt …I know the book says its a real problem for many ..I seem to be the many ..the amount of times alone I have done this is driving me crazy ..I need to move on I am not getting younger …Little and I mean little by little I am trying to unload myself really I am …
This is the fourth time I have handled some of this stuff and even though its getting easier to throw things away ..it bothers me in my sleep ..Today I handled old photos and ideas of scrap books .I threw away newspaper clippings,old cards and emails and old churchly things from when I felt the need of being churchly …I threw away things I have no idea why I kept and I am trying not to think about it ..it’s all in the bag to go to the dump and another big container of things has become a small container of things …..the day has been longer when I do these things ..each thing has to be handled and thought about and making a yes or no thought….. is a hard thing….. really it is ..Ideas of being free of it all and not having as much around is growing stronger and stronger….today I have handled things with dates as far back as 1975 and I am not talking photos ..I am talking Christmas cards , birthday cards, letters, bills, plane tickets …notes from friends,,,things from when thoughts being full of Holy Spirit was my calling …some of this made me laugh and some of it has made me sick of my prideful self …

Any way we have gone from 13 open heavy duty shelving units with filing boxes and plastic storage boxes to three closets with doors that hold only craft projects and photos …everything has gone to dump….Parts of me still feels like throwing it all away and but the other part says no way …I have to say it may be a mess in everyone else’s eyes right now but there is feeling of being free from a lot a things …the part in the book about being weighed down is so true …and the feeling of being free is true and the feeling of the dust and dirt on things makes sense to the weight of thing so right ..I have taken so many showers after the long days in the mess….
I have managed to take a few breaks from the mess and go have fun a few times with a few of my favourite friend …so tonight I made two colleges of my days and night with my friends
the above photo college is of a day with Vicky

The above college is of our night time photo trip around little city of North Pole Alaska

Took time read the little book again and gather a little more inner peace about all this cleaning ..will write about it tonight …right now i am going shopping for a tripod ….I really am taking the advice of Karen Kingston and leaving for a little while ..taking all things to day that need to go to trash to the trash


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