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Riding a high ……Having a habit of putting my all into a project until it’s almost done ……. always been a bad habit……I get right to the finish line and stop……dead still I have forgotten the crossing the finish line …arriving but not staying…. I hate this about me …read all the self-help books,did all the things right up to the step right before the last step….but continue to stop right before the last step……not sure why ….trying to decide this late in life whether to continue to try to fix this problem or just continue on at same way and see if the line will come to me and step behind me

I made Front Page in Flickr world last week the high was a pure rush of so many emotions all twisted up in a ball of joy ,hate,self-importance (not) tiredness … not wanting to be happy ,but happy…not wanting to brag but bragging then after a few days of attention ….it all was back to norm … the bad thing is even with understand all that is involved I am still not sure how it happen…or even why

I will be sharing a few of the photos that took the ride with me on that magic carpet ride …I still don’t understand the algorithm for explore… but I know that a lot about timing plays in somewhere..timing of posting….timing of comments received ….timing of comments given …..

Here is the little ditty that got Flick Front Page

Native American

Great Spirit Prayer

Great Spirit, Great Spirit, My Grandfather,
All over the earth the faces of living things are all alike. . .
Look upon these faces of children without number
And with children in their arms,
That they may face the winds and
Walk the good road to the day of quiet. . .

There is no death. . .
Only a change of worlds. . .
Only a change of worlds.

Author Unknown

Tree carving of Native American, Valdez, Alaska, USA. Artist: Mike Maidment…..

This is what Flickr Front Page looks like

I have learned that with every joy on Flickr there is a green-eyed she devil person attached … who makes every one else’s joy disappear with a hiss,and boo,………along with the many congratulations came many many nasty emails and snippy snappy name calling …….maybe that is why I always stop right before the finish line …maybe some where way back it happen before …maybe the she devil was always there

Like I told my friends last Sunday …..these little things are there one minute and gone the next …as it should be …one can not always stay on top of the mountain ..there are things in the valley that need attention as well


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