Range of Beauty

I am back …know it has been a long while ..got caught up in life and all the little things that take up my time with worry….the thing with front page and Explore on the Flickr site sent me into a tail spin ….one has to wonder what it is all about when that many people view your photos then think they can use you photos without even asking..and then there are the nasty emails from people accusing you of cheating your way to the top ..top of what I am still not sure …even though it was a heart pounding time for this non professional even though it was just a minute in time …..it is tax time for our little business and I have put things off way to long…..so here are a few new shot from the little road trip we took to Paxson Alaska ,couple days back …..These were taken from the pipeline pull out below Donnelly Dome area
First one is colour version straight from camera

This is my black and white version of same photo …..

I am trying to get back into my blogs I have been so lost for words since the Front Page and Top Explore thing ..never thought something so little in importance would send me in to a spin of lost of self …..it is scary to think some people or so mean and nasty
I am trying hard to just enjoy the love of taking photos and travel……I love this new art of camera and digital work … its so exciting to be able to take a photo and decide right then and there to keep or delete and try again… its exciting to try new things with light and timing …

Hope the new post has excited your eyes and heart …..more tonight …..


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    Apr 12, 2011 @ 09:26:44

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