Fun Day With Alaskanshelly

Opened email yesterday morn and had an email from Shelly ..yes I want to go to the Open North American……
yes yes yes I said ..Shelly bless her heart drove out to North Pole picked me up …drove back to her house …we walked out her back door and we were at the races …Oh my goodness what a great place to live in Alaska that is…..we walked down the back ally way and ended up where the racers go onto the river ice…..we met lots of other camera happy people…we took photos from every angle we could…we stood above the racers on the bridge ..we got down to ground level with the dogs..we met people of every walk of life …here are a few of the shots of the day

the above photo is of a man and his little friend they were right where the racers went down onto the ice..his little friends travel all over the world ….they had their own radio to listen to the race and they were visiting with ever radio person of the day

above shot is of one of the many racers coming around the bend before entering the river ice

above shot taken from the bridge above river ..

I loved this angle above the racers …it was a fast moving race and somehow this showed the speed of it all to me…..


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