IT’S **Spring Time in Alaska**

April 8 2011..Yes it is springtime in Alaska and it is not forty below but there is fresh snow…and I am about at my wits end….think I would be use to this by now after thirty so years of springtimes in Alaska…I love this state …Really I do !

Been going through my file photos to plan a few round the heart shooting trips ….I made FLICKR EXPLORE again after a dry spell and I again I find myself wondering why I get excited ….yet, I do .. it is a thrill to feel the attention …. being nonprofessional ,self taught wondering camera totting person is exciting….I am taking internet classes … are just a few of the places I have been studying from ..they are all important to me …maybe you would be interested in them as well ..each has a wonderful learning curve….First a wonderful young man from Flickr who has a wonderful page of many many many more pages of tips and ideas……Damien Franco pixiq expert
amazing site …..
Next is Photography another amazing site so full of info and different levels of learning ….

Then my newest adventure that has been so insightful for these old eyes….
Karl Taylor’s FREE DSLR PhotographyCourse
I just started this one before I got the spring flu bug but just in a few lessons I have learned so much ..things about my camera ..things about use of light …things I thought I knew ,but really didn’t..I maybe dangerous after this course…
here are a few other courses that I have run across through Flickr and all the wonderful people there

The Pioneer Woman wonderful fun site
AlaskaPhotoGraphicsolder site but full of awesome information

Really been playing with ideas and pulling old file photos …planning shots or ideas for shots back to some old places to try all the things I have learned from these wonderful courses and teachers
Here are a few places I will be trying again this spring and summer and fall with a fresh eye for better shots

then there is
Here is my favorite site


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  1. Hamim CHOWDHURY
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 14:18:49

    Thanks for being with me at Tag Game .
    I Am here from your SELF PORTRAIT OF TAG
    Its wonderful to visit your blog, and need some time for me to learn abt blog, although I have a Blog , but yet i could not master it right way, so i need to learn a lot from you abt blog, specially contraction of blog , unless this is contracted beautiful, even one the owner do not like to visit his own blog, and thats happening with me, Hope you guide me abt this
    be back again hopefully once i am aware of this blog,


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