I was tagged on Flickr ( a photo sharing site) … was ask to share twenty things about themselves tag 10 to 20 other friends and play the game …..
here are my 20 things about Me
1, I am Me…I belong to no one ..I have many man imposed titles, granddaughter,daughter,step daughter,sister,stepsister,wife ,mother grandmother
2. I am for Peace
3. I love Music all music at the right time and right place…..
4. I shoot as if there is no tomorrow ….a dream is to have a never ending disk that collects corrects and prints……til then
5. I am artist at heart and soul…but never sold anything short of craft work
6. My home town is Clarksville Tennessee but my home of heart is Alaska
7. Married for 43 years come Oct.5th 2011
8. I often practice in my head many times before I do something
9. I love the study of Feng Shui
10. I plan to learn this camera inside and out before I buy another
11. I love learning and trying new things
12. I am a grand mother of three ……two grandsons who live in Tennessee and a granddaughter that died in the womb
13. I can sit in one place for hours and just watch and listen to the sounds of life …..
14. I hate large crowds ….I am such a people watcher to many to watch or listen to upsets my soul……
15. I love order but never seem to find it
16. I am mother of three beautiful children to young ladies and amazing young man …….
17. I feel The Best Gift One Can Give me is tell me the truth always and i will do the same
18. I am about to have a half way birthday this month …I plan to live to be 120years old have you guessed my age to be
19. My husband of 43 years is my life …..he is always seeing that I have what it takes to live right ….
20.I love Flickr and my Flickr Friends

Now the rest of the story …..

Oh wow I guess that is the story ….

Here are a few photos I have shared as of late on Flickr …

Spring is showing herself in my part of Alaska…as I sat on the settee on the front porch yesterday ..I could see the tiny buds on the birch tree limbs.. grabbed my camera and took a few shots of the tiny buds……here is one more
The beauty of the return of spring is over coming the old cold winter not only in the body but the mind…..One can begin to see the color return in the tree ..there seems to be a glow about everything that was somehow gone to the eye for so long……here is one more soul that enjoys the return of spring , he wondered through as I was sitting on the settee…just ambled by in his search of the new food source….natures way of trimming trees and making sure new growth is kept in check

Til we write again ………


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