Birthday 2011

My birthday celebrations this year were spread out a little…On Sunday April 17 2011 ….My great Flickr friends Manywinters and AlaskanShelly took me out to lunch at SilverGluch in Fox Alaska…we had great lunch with lots of talk of Flickr and our families …I had great time …also had Happy Birthday sang to me … …we spent most of day trying to find red and green thing together for The Thematorium:: CONTEST #108..…. we visited the car wash …..the local Chilis and the Lowes store in Fairbanks ….we bounced ideas off each other as the day grew to a close …..
then back home …..
April 19 2011…hubby took me for a ride to Paxson Alaska to gather pictures and spend day together …..long day starting with beautiful skies  but filled with fun and good food and short naps in sunshine……from playing with a old set of Cokin filters to watching sunset off ridge outside of Big Delta Alaska

April 20 th 2011 MY BIRTHDAY …waking to find more then a 100 birthday wishes on Facebook to having emails from friends around the globe and red velvet cake and ice cream from son and daughter in law to calls from family in Tennessee….yeap mom I am old lady of 60 ..what were you thinking when you had me …….


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