Golden Light of Morn

Just took a break from the battle inside and took photos of light around me ….the roses had bloomed and the vines were again shooting out new growth ….the morning light was playing on the leaves and vines like liquid gold

needed to get away from the darkness inside the heart ….grabbed camera and took a walk around moms yard. ….did not tarry long ….snakes and big bugs made it another type of night mare……the light was hard to get use to and the heat was unbearable to this Alaskan……

Could not think about the glory of beautiful light because I knew my mom was leaving us….the whole of your being is torn inside ..facts are facts but you pray and cry and hope everyone is wrong ….you don’t want to think about the beauty around you while your heart is breaking but …but it is there goes on and always will….so now my job will be to capture both parts of living the beauty and the pain of death and life….onward …forward …living through with eye wide shut ……


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