The Father’s In My Life

some children are lucky or unlucky you decide ….some have the most awesome fathers and others have many fathers…some great some not so great but none the less fathers in name and body …..
My real father must have been happy one time in his life are at least he looks that way in the photo…then things changed and his life took another route …leaving four little kids asking a lot of questions … but finding no answer…

funny thing when going through my moms photos after her death ..I found myself grabbing more and more of his photos ..I think I was hoping to see the old him and maybe by gathering photo I could find him again….no luck it seems …he is passed on now …..

The real father in my life came in to my life at a later date …he was there before we ever knew about him ..I found papers while going through my moms papers that show he was the person who bought our bikes and the last Christmas at my grandmothers when I found the photo of their wedding day …I remembered my mom getting dressed that day but did not know where she was going…I just remember thinking she was sure pretty and happy that day …what do you think can you see the love in her eyes…..

My step father was the man who taught us about life and love..he raised us four as if we really were his ..he taught us rules of life …about church …about family and loved us with his very life……he ate the food we girls were learning to cook and never made a face…he worked every day to put food on the table and he never said a word about needing a break ….he opened the home we had to every family need of both family and extended family ….I love this man more each day ..even now that he is in Heaven …..

Now the Father of my children

sitting at his moms table ..not knowing where our life together would take us and what things would affect our lives ….life with this awesome man the father of our children …another great father to three awesome children…a man who changed diapers,walked the floor when they were sick ..who stayed up nights figuring a way to get them home when they were away from home and needed help…who worked every day and never complained because he was who he is …. forty-three years plus and he still worries about his family and would lay down his life for us ….

In the great outdoors where he loves to be

or on a hunting trip with his son ……

or my favorite …sitting on a rock on a mountain side with a fellow who takes a small hike with a silly wife …

Theses are the fathers in my life ….how are the Fathers in your life …….


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  1. Les Seay
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 20:13:32

    I dont know what its like to have more than 1 earthly father, but he was the best. Just like you said he worked everyday without complaint. He made sure we ate, we were warm and had all that we needed. He loved mamma more than life itsself. He would have crawled on broken glass if he thought she wanted something no matter how trivial it was and the cost would have meant nothing. I held his hand in the emergency room on the day he went to the hospital to die and those blue eyes never loss thier sparkle. I look back now and can say I have been blessed. Ive lost all of my grandparents, both parents, two brothers and alot of my friends. I never actually witnessed thier final moments.. Some would say thats sad, but I belive it was thier last gift to me. I get to remember thier smiles and laughter without the memory of too much of thier pain.


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