Part Two

Like I said there was a different mood now and this time we were ready ….when ever a photo appeared for us …the car braked and we were out …..greatest thing about traveling with people that have the same interest of the minute is the joy ..the oneness of movement yet each of us with a different photo capture in mind …..

I stayed on the side of road where car was parked and Vicky and Shelly ventured across to flood control brim and found the sun and the flowers..watching them together was to me like watching best friend dancing at a summer party….they move and talk and converse like dancers ….one can tell they have been great friends for a long time…..

While they were together I was on other side road ….taking photos of a few things like the cabin that is used in the winter by a native family that lives up river all summer

and water soaked dandelion seed heads and flowers……

then here they come and we are off again…..are we there yet ……

As we get started again we are laughing because we know it will not be long and we will stop again ….anyone need chips this is a long trip by the way ..on to next stop

well we didn’t get far and this time we are all on the flood control brim and what fun…our husband would be screaming …’are you kidding me ?
‘I mean do you realize the gas wasted stopping and starting a car this many times?” In the back of our minds we hear this loud and clear …but we are on a mission of joy ….we find the sun breaking through and bear poo and what else ….

oh yeah a neat little stream of water off the river….


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