Travel of my Camera

It all started 14 days ago with the following email
Hey Vicky
Seeing as we have missed the train ride and the trip around the coffee huts..How about a day trip across the highway? I can buy gas ?we could pack a days worth of goodies to eat and drink and leave early a.m. so as to catch animals ….rain or shine works on the road ..we could even just go half way and turn around and come back we could try using all the things we have learned since we started …write a log about our trip using the mile post as a guide …let me know ? talk to Shelly….

many emails back and forth ……well the day arrived I can tell you we were ready ….

Like any trip in Alaska we were each ready in our own Alaskan travel mode …food,rain gear,cold weather gear (just in case) food and a well maintained auto….a extra key to auto given to a second person just in case….extra batteries,extra photo play gear..and the attitude of true adventuring ..Of course it was  clouded and rainy and a little cool, but we were going to have fun no matter what ……

after playing around the Delta Junction area we travel further down the road toward the rest of our trip ……while getting gas we saw this awesome old car ..just loved the color and the style … daughter called this a make out car……

As we left delta Junction it was still cloudy and rainy and the gloom was everywhere but one of the troop said something to the effect..”Maybe we are being challenged to use our talents …maybe we are suppose to be seeing things thru different eyes,different lens sitting ” ….. Like a different mood took over ..we were ready  for the day …we were bound by our new thinking to have a great day no matter what …..We pulled over to take a photo of a cloud covered Donnely Dome …

but ended up playing with ring flash and lights on all the little wild flowers we found as soon as we stepped out of the car …..

Then like magic the sun began to play in the gloomy sky …….but true to Alaska as we rounded a bend in the highway the we  thought it was fog but it was really the clouds ….everything was covered in mist and rain …we pulled over to take a photo


But once again the sun began to play in front of us on the ground and the rays of light playing on the wet grass heads was amazing ……
After a while of watching the misty area we moved on down the road…..talking and having a great time with the new renewed thoughts of the day be continued each day with a new part of trip….hope to have your attention


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