Moving On

we begin again to move toward our destination …cloud are lifting and sun is playing across the river floor …..we round a bend and off to the side in a little valley is a pond with a beautiful swan and a silly sign on a tree….while Shelly is looking for the best view and shot …Vicky and I are getting a beautiful little song from a sweet little bird sitting on the tree with the silly sign

this silly little sign was so out-of-place ..

sometimes it is the sound and not the photo that count and the photo is just a reminder of the joy and time spent there….
hoping Vicky and Shelly Photos are a little better………..

Black Rapids Glacier is always a great stopping place for photos and in the early spring and summer the many flowers growing in the river bed off the glacier………

I took a close up off the tip of the mountain and did a black and white of it  …I love the effect that black and white has on ice and snow …..

Wish this blog has smell a vision…wow the wind was making this a beautiful stop along the river…I could envision a painter camping here and painting theirs brush down to the brass ….

Moving on down the road we stopped to view the back side of Rainbow Pass…..

while there we visited with a ground squirrel …..who kept disappearing in the grass…..

another photo of the area before we move own …every view is different in the area from pathways of flowers to

to pipeline along the hill-side

On we move and we have not even reached the trip across the road yet we are still in the first of out trip…Are we there yet ?????


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