The Garden

I am back again… I spent a morning with my Friend at the local garden of the university here in Fairbanks Alaska …even though I came home with a lot of good shot .I managed again to leave a lot of ideas there..I am so messed up after losing my mom …I find myself not all there..but even with that when I first visit a place I have never been before ..I am always finding myself caught up in the things around me and I forget my camera or the mission…..I love watching people and listening to the sounds around me and watching everything that is going on is like if I miss one second of it I will never be able to visit again…we kept hearing a ringing but could never find it …there were so many smells of flowers and water and the touch of rain in the air.. and trees of every type all in one place… artist learning to be artist on a hill-side with a teacher ,,,cars and tractors and tourist and flags flying …..barns with stay out signs and ponds with fish and gated off places that I wanted to go but did not dare and workers working … no wonder my mind was not on photos that might be winners ….here are just a few







some times my mind races to fast with all the joy to think like the camera person I want to be …..I try so hard to drink in each of the seven senses we each are given ..I want to taste ,hear,feel,see,touch,and become part of the place…..


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