Rock &Roll Alaska

Second day of challenge and today challenge is Black and white …my favorite type photos…took this shot few weeks back on a walk about with Vicky …love the tones of the wood in black and white….

Took two shots for today’s challenge but decide on fence because of line
second photo was taken while going to Central Alaska to check our land …we were out in middle of no where and found this old old milk can rotting on the tundra…..

I made it black and white ..I loved the little curls of dwarf tundra birch bark and moss …all the textures make for a great black and white…

I awoke at 3:00 A.M…sat straight up in bed …. something was wrong in my mommy knowing part of me … could not put a problem to the feeling….got up checked house …checked cats and all doors …all the things one does when awaking like that….open computer and there it was the earthquake of the islands …A magnitude 7.1 earthquake was recorded in the Pacific Ocean just before 3:00 am Alaska time, Friday morning.

For about an hour portions of the Aleutian Chain was under tsunami warning. Those areas included coastal areas of Alaska from Unimak Pass to Amchitka Pass. The areas are very remote and not heavily populated.

so now I sit here wide wake ….. typing away …trying to make myself sleepy again ….wondering if the mommy mode every shuts down ..I really would like a full nights sleep one day …..

Hey Vicky if you are reading…. it is 5:57A.M. Alaska time the pink of the alpine glow in the clouds …sunrise appearing over the tree tops is awesome …. it was 36 degrees this morn ….. there were geese and cranes headed to Delta….


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    Sep 02, 2011 @ 14:11:54

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