Flipping Fast

Wow….that was fun…Last night I hurried over to daughter in-laws to asks if she thought she could flip her hair…. so I could get a few shots for the 30 day photo challenge … What is this for Mom? she says …..I explain… she laughs … says you guys are running out of places to go …. laughs harder ……now this really was asking a lot of her …. because a few months back she had back surgery …we talked about how she could do this tasks without hurting her recovery …..lucky part was she had just washed her hair and it was just wet enough to flip and linger …we only took three shots ..first shot was a pure miss…but second and third shot were a capture…they are blurred but the hair flip was all I was after…to me the best part was the trying …I am sure on another sunny evening we will try again because I have a few ideas to try….I succeed by capturing the hair in movement…day four down and now we can move on ..have decided it is 30 days of something new and it does not matter if it takes 30 or 60 days as long as all 30 new things are done or tried ….

Love the light on the different strains of hair and her expression …we were laughing because we were going so slow and trying so hard not to hurt her neck…..

the movement here is so sweet….the darkness of the hair around the face …if they were only less blurred.. ..I am learning and that is the whole lesson
It is 5:30 am here and it is still dark and the sun is trying to light the sky ..temps around 40 degrees and there are still a few stars in the sky …I should go out and get a shot of night ….Hey today is my hubby’s birthday ….he turns 66 today …

Shot of him walking toward his favorite fishing spot……

Off now to learn some more things……


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