All About ME

A friend is someone who knows
the song in your heart
and can sing it back to you
when you have forgotten
the words.
What awesome words to start the day with ….thinking there is someone out there that could be that type of friend …a magical person who knows the real you and is so in-tune they can become the inner you so your never lost

Today’s challenge is self portrait….it was such an awesome Alaska fall day …..decides light out doors would be nice ….learning I am master learning…what looked like beautiful light was harsh full of shadows and really hard to control…85 shots later ….first remember it was just me and tripod,camera,few props and remote control(no… we were not watching tv)oh yeah my camera manual …..

One must love self and be willing to laugh ..It was not in any of the shots taken because first…. I am not happy with-self but I am trying to get there from here…second … while in learning new methods mode and studying to hard on learning ..step by step slowly I turn ..oops sorry wrong movie…..

learning that if you see the shadow on the tree or object beforehand it will be across face or body of person in photo…. learning to see the problems … learning to read the manual and try each thing you read about before….KNOW YOUR CAMERA Before YOU GO OUT INTO THE FIELDlearning to take one’s time and not just click…Wow I am so happy I can shot,delete, take more shots……I am no longer using film…my husband loves that I can shoot all day on one disks is my husband

This one was taken last year sometime …..

When all these were posted on Flickr ….I asks my contacts to tell me which one they like beast …one Flickr Friend Studio d’Xavier his profile ******
shared the following with me … which was copied to back page of camera manual for future use…..

If I were to photograph you I would never let you hide behind a tree. I would have the camera slightly above, your chin up, and have you proud as Hell. You should be.
That said, the one in the lower left is my favorite, except for the tree. Try shooting indoors, on manual, using directional light through a door or window. change the angle of the shot and the fall of the light to get what you want.

Today looks like another great Alaska Fall day…battery in charger…camera bag packed …waiting on word from Shelly …woke to 33 degrees on temp reader…color a little bland on the sky this morn was hoping for a few clouds for sunrise……guess will pick one of the other assignments… update  ..Shelly  is having a great day with  her hubby and so am I  …so no trip today….wow must be a great new trip  coming …..wondering where we will be going


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