“Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite “

Long ago back my grand mother would say ” You kids go to sleep …Nighty nite… go to sleep, sleep tight , don’t let the bedbugs bite…”It was ok there were no bedbugs it was just her way …..
Assignment seven was night-time shots….I think I would have rather fought with bugs then my camera in the dark…I played with setting before going outside and I knew what I wanted to shoot but I kept getting daytime pictures in the dark of night …Oh what frustration …my camera manual was no help …

First try was this …yes I kept the shot…

Click ,,delete,,click again …same things ..more reading manual …then reading digital for dummies …try again the I get his …yeap you guessed it Flash goes off….oh my goodness will I every get it right…….

but wait look pass the flash that actually looks like night …ok we were cooking with right mixture of settings here …..

few more tries and I am back to stage one …bring camera inside ..go on to computer …Wow luck of luck I find help first search ..what an awesome written sight ….person is so easy to understand and follow not like the book for dummies that makes you feel dumber than the title….

Thank you Anna Vera of Anna Vera Photography

Wow great teacher …be sure and check out her site …three or four minutes later I am back outside and here is what i got…Thank you Anna Vera………………

then few adjustment

not bad but can it be get better …next try

then I see a different shot with just a little more light …

One more for good measurement….. now if I can hold onto the things I learned if not I now know a wonderful person here on internet to help me …..

It is a cloudy morning here in North Pole Alaska with temps at 41 F….mingled in the gray clouds is an alpine pink and blue tint that tell me the sun is shining somewhere in the background…..the fall colors grow stronger each hour…son is home …no luck on moose hunt …but he is home safe…family in south still acting stupid but they are family …missing you friend …hope you are having fun with your daughters and the new house…find me a seashell or rock from the island ….


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