Standing Still For Time

Few days back, I was sitting at this computer …looked up to kitchen window…there in the glass was the beginning of sunrise….jumped up,got dressed,grabbed keys to truck … away I went…sky beautiful all the way ….but knew had to reach the flood dike before another minute had passed …arriving at dike it was all different …I now was above the sun …knew I had to wait …the mountains across the dike were beautiful but way to far even for the Nikon sigma 70/300….

So took a few shots anyway in hopes of maybe catching lucky light…..then I waited …trying to decide whether to use big lens or new wide-angle conversion lens….took a few shots with each …decided on large lens and waited …waited waited ….people came and went …forgot jacket ,coffee and tunes to listen to upon leaving house….stood listening to the morn awakening around me on the flood dike,heard birds,speeding cars ,saw a moose off in the distance,….then just as I was about to leave there she was …her rays of light were announcing her grand entrance ….she was about to peek up over the treetops …

I was no longer chilled I was part of her glory ..feeling her warmth and greeting her arrival …..she had again come to the earth to play ….





The Challenge for the photo 30 day Challenge was a photo with a phrase or quote….I took the following shot in a program and used selective coloring and inserted a quot in the dark area…here is the photo before play


Here is the entry


This morn dear friend is rainy with a slight light that gives the fall leaves a semi brightness ….temps in 40’s…wind is playing in tops of trees …still having hard time here with out you ..Shelly and I want you to hurry back…we want you to have fun and get everything done …but we still want you to hurry home… something about three cameras better than two and sure a lot more fun then one lonely camera lens


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