Out My Window

My kitchen window is all aglow with Gold …

the amazing colors of fall have appeared outside my kitchen ….life is filled with color and fungi and cranes over heads …..hubby building things for chickens…. son hunting ….. everyone wanting one more day of warm weather to play …

..been doing the 30 day challenge on Flickr ..

… trying to keep my farm up in Facebook Farmville……but I am trying even harder to get my housework caught up..since coming home from Tennessee and the death of my mother .. nothingness of wanting not to live just short of escaping all work related thing….always trying not to do what needs to be done …just skating along in life …..I know I once again will have to return to the real world and begin being a house wife again but not happening soon enough ..the real guilt of not being all I could be as a house wife and mother is really getting to me …..I know I want to get over this and soon but …… think it probably will last a while longer ..mean while my camera and this blog give me escape along with a husband who seems to know when I need a get away trip …

He took us across the highway a few days back and here is my favorite shot of the trip

then we came home …back to the world I am trying to escape ……
……. yesterday daughter took me to see the new addition to city of North Pole Alaska …a beautiful USA American Flag flown from a 140 foot pole …Wow what a sight in this little city …..

Each day this week I have manage to ….walk on treadmill….clean one room…..do laundry …play with camera and cook three meals each day ..clean the kitchen so I guess I am coming back …but from here it still looks like a long way home …..

Dear Vicky I wish you could see the real color of the leaves here ….miss you but i hope you are having a great time and getting needed time with your daughters


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