True Spirit

Last few days ..been thinking about my spirit and the inner desires …wishing  it was easier to know the difference of wanting and needing …still hard at this point in life  to tell the difference sometimes…a friend ask me a little while back  what my goals were in life ….it took me a long time to realize that I  had none …just seem to still be waiting  for a reason to have any …..Wow what a light  in the inner being …no plans …. no hopes desires other than to be alive…..When I was a little girl  long  …..long…..long …..ago wanted to be an artist …wanted to paint the world …..thought it was my calling ……my mother taught me how to draw …my father instilled a desire to paint  and my stepfather  showed me how to share …i won a contest in a drawing contest     won a 500 dollar prize that had to be matched by half to get art classes …yeah …..know it was a gimmick….. but  instead of getting encouragement…..  was instead told the money was  to be given to another because….. boys  needed schooling because they were the bread winners and girls could always get married  …..then after I got married all my artist need were met……but even then the little  thought   that it wasn’t important enough  cause many  projects  to go unfinished  and to wait by the way side to be finished …..artist .. desire …all pipe dreams of a day go pass…wonder if painting  or photos are needed in the after life …

Last month ……. have been trying a 30 day challenge  in my camera phase in life ……these is an attempt at layering …

An  Alaska vista  from one of the last road trips  all misty and cloudy  but beautiful to the eyes ….along with

Jessie the lady of the north…my son’s dog…second husky mix he has owned …..she is such a sweet girl…..

I then used a program to layer the two  together  after many many tries……. came up with this little ditty

One can only dream  dreams and hope for better day in this time in life…


wish I had taught my girls to go  for the gold …..even if it meant stepping on others

wish I had taught my son to never listen to what others said ….

wish I had fought harder to achieve things

wish  wishes were important  to get things done instead of just messages of the heart and desire  flowing in the wind …have you made your wishes today ….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

    Sep 30, 2011 @ 15:15:39

    awesome shots !
    the Siberian husky looks adorable .


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