“Weekly Photo Challenge”

This weeks challenge is Sunsets



Haven’t seen any great sunsets in a week or two because of weather here in North Pole Alaska….busy time of year clearing garden, gathering tools ,and things that need to be out of coming winter weather …awoke this morn to frozen rain of last night …so all the things one needed to finish last night are covered with ice …including roadways and any vegetables left in garden……
back a few weeks we traveled across the highway between Paxson and Cantwell Alaska …so here are a few shots of what fall looks like in Alaska


The day was rainy and full of misty wet air …the hunting season was in full force so animal sightings were nil..to none …but the beauty of the country was amazing

streams were over flowing the banks with the last of summer run off …….tundra and banks of streams were aglow with fall colors and through all the gray overcast skies at a turn in the road a mountain a hundred miles away peeked through the clouds ….

As we drove closer to the view of the mountain with the sun glow on the face ….the sunset behind us was the most intense of the season … one waits on the sunrise …and rest in the sunsets….life is fast pace in Alaska but also slow of pace for those that take the time to breathe and live ….


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