The Crossing ……Part One Of Three

Caribou of Alaska crossing one of many streams and rivers to move to breeding ground ….the hunters are gone and the rut is on and they (caribou ) are on the move ….Hubby and I crossed the Denali Highway one last time before winter sits in …It was one of the most exciting trips we have taken in a long time…full of last fall colors,animals eagles and seeing one more time the migration of the caribou………the sounds and smell of great numbers of animals all at once …is more then any camera lens or human eyes can take……the trip was about celebrating 43 years of marriage……..the real date is the 5th of this month but winter coming and bad weather and roads coming we decide to do things earlier and WOW am I happy we did it was one of the most exciting trips across the road in a very long time

Gathering of Mom and Babies.…...Part Two of Three

The sounds of mother caribou calling their babies …the sound of their heels clicking ….the rustle of leaves …..the excitement of my husband and I, as we viewed the migration of animals was more then one can every want….the round trip yesterday was 482 miles of pure joy ..share food, hot coffee…excitement….mud,snow,winds,sounds ,,and quick shots of life….it wasn’t about capturing the awesome photo it was about life…and the photos one keeps in their heart…….watching as mother caribou ran back and fourth calling to their babies …are just standing til the baby caught up to them……

hillside after hillside covered with animals …running …milling around …feeding off the tundra….eagles and raven over head….action every where one looked…..

All Up Hill…..Part Three of Three

Over tundra…uphills…down hills….across rivers,stream…highways of speeding cars and trucks ……hill after hill…not anything gets in their way …they call to each other and sniff the air and on they move ….moving like the wind to their next calling they move
I will never look at the road way again ..after seeing them climb the hill side of the road in places one would never think of seeing and animals travel….so sure footed and so peaceful in their movements…..

All in all the day was one of the most awesome days ….Thank You Dear

Happy 43 years of this type of memories …


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. guttermutt
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 17:40:47

    What an incredible trip!!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!


  2. Craig Zambotti
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:27:41

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