Passing Through the Looking Glass

Just two young people living in a time of war and change…. starting a new life and family at a time of extreme times …living hand to hand during hard life changes for all …trying to fit into not only each of our extended family but learning to fit together as a whole in our own lives….. but making it …making it work through everything life and the world threw at us ….living the military life of being together …then apart …then together….then learning to give and take ….forgive and love….growing through deaths and lost of family members around us …becoming parents, grandparents and keeping on after retirement…. becoming old together… forty-three years of learning to never forget what it was that brought us together ….HAPPY FORTY THREE YEARS DEAR

Passing Through the Looking Glass …has the many thing to do with our lives the last forty-three years ..the small mirror is to remind one never to forget what you were and what you are now …we each see something different when we look in the mirror of life and it is not always what is reflected back at us in the mirror ….the candles are to remind us the light around us is never brighter than the source from which it comes ..soon the wax will melt and the wick burns the last flicker of light then one has to start over ….43 years of learning each other  … is to the next 43  years ……


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