Riding the Wave In Flickr

Couple days back one of my photos went into Front page on Flickr ….. third one in five years ….I am so guilty of pride …it made me so gitty with happiness and pride…What is it about getting an award that makes one so silly ….I mean only….. I will remember in a few days that the photo got that high in the views,comments,faves and awards….if tomorrow all the nets went down …. there would be no clue to the photo short of memory…..but the ride for the day and half was amazing and exciting and one was important in a few eyes ….over 1,761 all time views ,87 comments and 89 faves for this little old photo

here is the other two photos that have brought me such pride (shame on me ) my me-maw said “Pride goes before the fall”) sorry me-maw …have to brag a little…Field Of Yellow got 979 views,76 comments,46 faves


Then my all time pride and joy was this little ditty “Native American”2582 views,146 comments,181 faves



When one gets attention and can not understand why its a real confusing state…one wants to feel the joy and the pride of doing something that draws attention to ones craft …but then there is the little demon in the back of ones mine saying why ? what have you really done ?

First I am proud of my work and I have enjoyed the feeling of importance for the few seconds …but have to wonder why…..With each of these exciting trips I have learned a little about my camera ,a lot about human nature ..

This is my daily press because …I know what my blog is about ..it is about my camera and places it goes…sometimes that is a minute by minute and some times it is about a month down the road trip….it has nothing to do with things of the world or politics or other things …or about my thoughts while using my camera or all the little things used with my camera …enough for the day …sitting here awaiting the fall from the prideful things I wrote about …


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