When the River Runs Blue

No amount of prompts or kicks in the writing elbow could move me this week…Like the blues in the photo my heart and mind and inner self are at a stand still…..the photo was taken last spring along the river between Delta Junction Alaska and Paxson Alaska….many times that day my husband stopped the truck for me to gather photos….

like the snow and ice created with the thaw of the snow …. my heart has been in and out of sorts due to the nature of things happening around me …..knowing what is coming in life is exciting but sometimes one needs things to go a little slower ….my camera and my mind are not linking up so I am pulling from old photos ….this truly fits the day the mood and the need for a quick thaw …..

seems silly almost to write about last springs thaw when we are just going into the winter with our first snow ….that is part of my mood I am sure ..I need a good kick in the behind to go ahead and get it done….. …
Like the cycling of life in spring the thaw the freeze the thaw then the green of new life again ..I need life …..so in the next few days …I will be searching for new life in the snow………………….


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