Cold But Beautiful

Alaska …she calls to all ….both in the long light of summer to the super cold days of winter…everyone hears her call….today the sharing is about the last walk about with a friend ….temps here are still in the can’t make up the mind of the thermometric gauge of the little red line ….just doesn’t take one long to decide the comp of the shot… here are a few shots that made me want to keep and share ….

Capturing the morning sunrise is a little easier in Alaska right now …at least one does not have to rise at o’dark thirty ….

Anyone bring the hot dogs and chips for a cool picnic time in the winter woods….

Come sit awhile my friend and we will speak of warmer time together…or maybe just watch the sun light play along the grasses in the snow-covered fields…..

of course we could walk about the edge of the lake grasses … following the tracks of the many little creatures we never seem to find ….their track seem begin and end in the mid stride of their little wanderings….


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  1. fourbluehills
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 18:38:43



  2. Prettylittleraindrops.
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 22:03:32

    I love the photos(:


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