Please Close the Gate

The sign read

“Please remember to close the gate.”

Why ?
the gate is the entry to the cemetery where my mother’s family and my baby brother are buried ….there use to be a fence connected to the fence but it has been removed because of disrepair …when I along with my baby brother visited the grave site … we even walked through the gate even though there was no reason …there was no fence to keep us out …it just made sense to walk through the gate…….the rules to life are just a simple but sometimes it is so easy just to break them because you can…the fence was just a marker of space…no one was leaving and no one was ever meant to be kept out …it was not a line of defense ….it was not a barrier of ownership… it was a line to define a space….the gate never had a lock …..the fence connected could have been climbed over at any point… the sign was a reminder it was a place of rest…finally rest and like closing the door to a bedroom …could you Please remember to close the gate …….good night dear family Good night


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