The Gathering

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving …..Yeah ….cleaning and cooking at the last minute…..why you asks last minute…It has taken all my will to go forward ….waiting for the pain of lost to end …knowing it will not end till I let it …have not picked camera up in a few days …been sitting and watching holiday Hallmark shows till tears fall openly instead of leaving the room to dab them away ….

Thanks to Alaskanshelly the new theme for The Thematorium:: CONTEST #120:: New Theme – GATHER…….alaskanshelly says:

With the Holiday Season upon us there is be plenty of opportunity to “gather’; either something or somewhere.

Took a look around the house that really needs a good cleaning …took a few candid shots of things places where things seem to gather and collect themselves til it is put them somewhere else……

The little shelf is one of many in the house that gathers things of family …little ones share in photos and candle holders given by children, holding candles so old they are covered with dust and bent from heat in the house …small pebbles and stones gathered to remember…remember the little ones …oh yeah the dust …dust is for writing in the notes of love because one can and one does….

another place where things gather ….this little oak table was found in an old shed that was falling in on a place well hidden in the hills of Tennessee when we first were married .. we carried it home and scrubbed the grime and dirt off it and found a jewel of a table … the legs are so small but it is so well-built and the oak is so beautiful …it has traveled all over the world and back again …but no matter where it goes or where it sits it gathers things ..hats , gloves , books,mail,like a powerful magnet is in bedded in the grains of the oak that pulls thing to the edge of the tabletop……..

the table was made by my husband …. with only hand tools ….when we returned from our tour in Germany ….many a meal and family gathering has taken place around the table …no matter it does not fit the decor of my dining room it is there …..twice a year I clean off all the things that gather there over the gathering of time waiting to be put away and fill the top with food and family…..

This photo reminds me of my grandmothers house….she would gather pans and dishes and tables and chairs …she would bake and bake and bake till the house smelled in every room of cakes , pies , dressing and turkey and ham and biscuits and fresh brewed coffee….
the last Thanksgiving we had before my grandfather John Marion Jerles died was the best memory of a little girl…. for weeks we had lived in a tailor on my grandfathers land while our real father was in Germany on one of his many tours in the Army…..we remember the smell of the kitchen as we watched Memaw make food for the big gathering of family …..they would be coming from every part of the united states ….things gathered in her kitchen like magic …potatoes from one uncle,flour and vanilla extract real butter and cream from another, coconuts, and celery and lemons for pies …milk in jugs and pans of every size to make things in …wood appeared in the kitchen by the wood stove and coal in the parlor by the coal-burning stove..the day would arrive and we all had new dresses or overhauls for the boys …people would begin to arrive and coats would gather on the beds filled with smells of aftershave and perfume of Aunts and Uncles and hugs and cheek pinches…smells of cigars and pipes and the smell of things some Uncles had drunk in the barn …..dinner was cooking in the kitchen where all the women were gathered and then it was ready ….men were served first and dishes were washed and children ate next and dishes were washed and then the cooks ate and dishes were washed and then dessert was served and in the same order ….lots and lots of people but there was never the words heard “Sorry we are out of that” …like the dishes knew how to gather more food for the whole day of the gathering ….So tomorrow is the gathering of the family here …so one must stop writing now and gather things together to fill the dishes here ……


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  1. Geralyn Mccartha
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 13:01:26

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!?


  2. Trackback: Elektrische Zahnbuerste
  3. Elektrische Zahnbuerste
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 16:41:06

    Hey there! Great post! Please when all could see a follow up!


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