Gathering of Memories

Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love.As my grandmother cut up little scraps of fabric from out dresses,shirts and old bedding she stashed them in a basket til she had enough to put it all together in a quilt top…When my Mom passed each of us got two quilts each ,,,,this is one of my two this one contains not only fabric scraps from many of my dresses but also flour sacks ,,,I love this top because it was one of many that were sewn together by hand and cut out by hand …no craft machines or perfect making tools just hands full of love and desire to save good fabric…..



After my Mom passed we each got a quilt top either made by our mom or one of the other relatives….I got two made by my grandmother

…..they are so special to me because not only did she make them by hand… special cutting tool that one uses today …nor was it fabric straight off the shelf …both quilt tops were made from things we had worn …..or from…. flour sacks of the day ….the colors seem to be true and bright even with age…the stitches are so true to form ….After Thanksgivings Dinner when everyone had left ..I sat looking at the fabric and the closeness of the stitches and the colors of fabric almost sixty + years old

one used the color thread they had at the time….

…I draped the quilt top over a lamp and took close-ups of the top with the light showing through …..taking photos of both sides of the top

…..The top took me back …way back ….sitting by her side on the yard swing chair as she cut up old shirts and little dresses we had out grown and other things that could not be either handed down or use

…. each had been washed and sun-dried on the clothesline …ironed and folded into the basket of things to do ….we were now at the cutting stage…with mail ordered pattern and scissors sharpen by my Uncle….. here we were…. cutting parts from each item of well used clothing

…til there was no possible amount of fabric big enough for a piece of the pattern….stacked in neat little stacks and wrapped in a paper bag from grocery store ..then placed by the rocking chair….. for sewing after all the days work was done…..watching her sew and sing as she rocked back and forth ….then when the little pieces were sewn back together in a pretty little blocks …she would stack them
…. til she could decide how to put them to good use ……wow I really am telling my age……


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