Hidden Treasure

Hidden away from eyes in many a drawer in my Mom’s house were years of cards  ……many many drawers  were filled to the brim with thank you cards , Easter holiday,Christmas,Mother’s Day,Birthdays,Valentines,post cards from our travels …..she managed to reach out after her passing and let us know she had cared to keep our many attempts to love her…. she even had cards the grand children and great grandchildren  had made in school ….and there were even cards we had made many many years ago as children ……we  were silly ….. we threw them away …it was to  soon and to much to bear ……but  it did not end there   ….she reached out again this last week  as I was putting up decorations around the house here in North Pole  Alaska…..reaching into the last box of decorations there she was …only this time it was cards she had sent me over the years …yes I am like my mom…….. I have all the cards that have every been given to me as well…….

I sat there for a little while reading each card …..trying to remember her voice …she always called to see if we had received the card …..I can remember her always saying it’s not a Hallmark but I care…..Yes Mom they are all the real Hallmarks or such I say Heart Marks


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