New Year

On New Years Eve I spent the whole day learning a new craft ….I wanted to change my old ways of letting the old year go out with out doing something …Love the whole day spent with my friend in her awesome craft room …we talked and giggled and shared the things we can only tell another girlfriend …..giggling over brain farts and mistakes and pin pricks and hot flashes and things of that nature…we learned that some written directions that come with patterns never lead one in the right direction …I know I will have to see it all done again to get it right …but I had a blast and finished the hat and love the way it looks ..I can see every mistake but plan never to tell anyone ……funny how an artist can always see the hidden things of their craft and feel each mistake ……spent  New year Morn thinking about all the things of the old year…..the passing of time seems to speed up now …old superstitions kept me again from truly enjoying the New Year Day ..but today I will kick myself into getting a foot hold on the new year …I want to try writing both in the morn and again at the end of day ….we will see if it happens and what I find to write about … is a photo of the Hat and new craft I spent the last day of the old year learning


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