Day Of Hearts and Awards

Today is that silly day of Hearts and Candy ……but first

I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by  *Betty* of

Four Blue Hills (A repository, of sorts)

Thank you dear lady for such a sweet award…sorry it has taken me so long to get this done ….

There seems to be a few rules  that come along with this award

The guidelines for the award are:

List six blogs that the recipient thinks are outstanding and deserving of the award.

Share ten things that your readers may not know about you.

My awards go to the following  wonderful  pages and writers

1.The Limelight Photography

2.Googsy’s Photography 



5.Violets and Cardamom


Now 10 things about me ……

1. I love Art …..all art…..

2.I am the oldest of my mother but the fourth in line of birth….

3.Really do live in North Pole Alaska

4.Hate traveling but love places after I get there……

5.Mother of three

6.Grand mother of three

7.Love my cameras….any brand will do

8.Love  quilts and the stories that old ones tell …if you just look closer…..

9.Never thought I would write a blog  ….never

10.My two favorite books are     Clear Your Clutter  with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston …….The SECRET by  Rhonda Byrne


there is no candy  or paper hearts  or even a card … today  thought about sharing the hearts found  from nature and of my on making  …..

Some times there in front of my every step……seems they always pop up between the studio and the house ….sometimes one has to wonder if someone places them there on purpose …..or if nature really is giving one a hug

last fall after cleaning the garden off up pops a lone pea vine …the fall was just long enough and warm enough it grew and grew up the fence ….the little vine had seven hearts and they still cling to the fence ….

one of last years challenge for my camera was to copy another person work as close as one could ….I picked a friends photo …above is my version of her photo White Heart

Playing around with new photo program …..

Heat Of Love

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. ~Mother Teresa

Do you remember the tissue covered boxes of yesteryear….covered with red and white tissue paper with a hole sliced across the top….a list was sent home with each person…day after day the little envelopes address to each person was seen being popped into the box….then the big day arrives……you followed the rules …you addressed one to each person on the list…..each person….party starts…cupcakes,candy and then the big moment arrives….cards are being handed out …..all the card have been handed out ….what is wrong there are no more cards …you look at your card pile …but wait it’s not as big a pile as all the others ….you have two cards and it is from the teacher and other kid in the class who mother’s made him or her follow the rules…..HAPPY VALENTINE DAY TO ALL……


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. edshunnybunny
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 01:53:47

    Thanks for the nomination for the award 🙂 I also love your heart photographs! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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