Look Down

Post a Day challenge, it is all about looking down ……hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…thinking i might have a few if those

One has to wonder what they are thinking when they take photos of things on the ground ….most of the time it isn’t worth the time but for some reason it catches your eye and you click the button and there it stays til you print it or throw it away …I never seem to think of throwing it away ….

the above photo is of my husbands tracks back in to the house after a lite snow fall …..I had gone out front door to take photos and followed in his tracks to shoot the new snow ……

Little white heart was taken outside looking down on to the shot…the challenge was to copy someone else shot ….I copied my Flickr friends manywinters shot………

around my sons yard there are many little gnomes and mushrooms in the Fall..and I am always looking for them when I am out and about ….sometimes they are in plain sight but some are hidden by all the fallen leaves ….managed to find this little guy at the base of a birch tree……

above shot was taken out on the tundra away from all outside sources after taking the shot ..I bent over picked up the can put it in my camera bag …… carried it back across the tundra leaving it in a trash can…not bragging just saying it cost nothing to take care of your trash …unwritten law of land …if you carry it in bring it back out ….

this was my favorite looking down shot ….it was raining and there were many puddles….being fall and plants had gone to seed …in one of the reflection puddles were these little plants ….had on the wrong size lens and needed to stand on tip toes to get this shot …but it was worth it ….had to take four shots to get this focus …looking down for things has its ups and downs but there is a lot to find and capture …..what do you think ?


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