Started writing earlier about our new adventure of renting out a room and how scary it is… but when I was correcting things… it all disappeared ….hummmmmm!!!! maybe it was just a practice run or maybe it was not supposed to be written either way it is gone in to never-never land of internet …
So instead here are few shots of beads from Mardi Gras my daughter in law let me use to try to get some photos of

with all the cold and snow here anything with color catches my eyes and my camera lens…..I have so many ideas I want to try with these little strings of plastic…..

Pink Flamingos and purple and green beads …digging the colors of partying in the deep south

some of the beads are art …and very heavy …..the purple and green and the red and yellow of the jester beads was so bright and heavy ….

had to get a little creative with things and add a reminder of where all this partying was leading toward…hope you enjoyed the color ……


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