Wish Away Time

My Grandmother use to tell me never to wish away a minute or even a second of my life …because you can never get it back …also she believed one should never interrupt things happening to others ….. because they will never learn that way ….

Do not ask that your kids live up to your expectations. Let your kids be who they are, and your expectations will be in breathless pursuit. ~Robert Brault,

Sometimes one must just stop and breathe……yesterday I wanted to destroy things and people…I have watched like a mother bear as one by one my grown children have been hurt in some way or another….this Alaska Mommy Bear is not happy but she knows it is not my battle …but it still builds in a desire of hurting……

Instead I go deeper into me and try to work it through by working with my art or photos….or I spend the day daydreaming of days to come .. Yesterday I  played with photo that were taken in the snow with colorful household items …….trying to create color in our white …white…white…world ……..then I took all the color away ….Here is my desire to be where it is warm and care free for most ……

One of my wonderful photography friends Vicky brought a box full of wonderful things to capture in the snow that day …this was one of my favorites it is sitting on a pile of snow on top of one of the park picnic tables….. the shot focused on the seashell the back ground is the lake bed ….

even though we were looking for color….. I was drawn to black and white treatment ….. this one really speaks to the change …… for me anyway

Either way I was drawn away to a sandy beach some where …any where ….but where someone is hurting my children ….


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