Playtime with Friends

Today is about three friends out to have great time ….after few days… needed to get away from everything ….friends made it possible and fun ……..we each brought fun things to capture inside our cameras….Here is how the day went ..All photos save one belong to Vicky or Shelly so off we go to play in the Alaska snow with color

Carrying umbrella and boot like I was looking for the other one in the snow

its not easy walking in the packed snow …one must always look down to make sure your not stepping off the packed path….. further and further I traveled til it dawned on me you could break through to the water ….

I turned to say what next and Shelly caught the words …can you see them in the frozen air ….oh my goodness it was cold …Vicky kept saying don’t touch the snow with bare skin …I am thinking don’t touch the snow period ….

we pack up and move to next picnic table to shot beautiful bright green margarita glass and Pitcher…we each seem to get a different view ….I had a lens that made me stand back further from props here is mine

little more light off the white snow and different angle

Here is Shelly’s photo different angle …..different distance …..

Then Vicky’s photo light really different angle and prop…..

So bright and colorful …each different in light and shadow but same props…..we all seem to have a different view which is always so much fun ……
we are back in car which Shelly kept warm for us ….. we are ever so happy and thankful….I learn something new about their families and how they have played here in the past …always a great deal is learned in our travels…today was about getting away and sharing ….so we are off down the road for more fun ..I had read an article about a teacher of kindergarten ….. she talked about graffiti in the snow with food coloring …So I brought food coloring and spray bottles and we found a snow brim …….yes I did a no no and drew in the snow with color

bad ….really bad me …but it was a heart …Am I forgiven ?……….
The teacher that had this idea lives in lower 48 …she makes stencils and gives each child colored water and tells them to have fun at recess…and to be sure and tell a story …What an awesome idea ….

We are back in the warm car listening to Shelly tell us of her trip ….WARM CAR ….we take one more turn and decide there is afield with no tracks off comes the coat out comes the red scarf and the red umbrella ….Shelly makes path in deep snow …off I go into the wilderness of clean clear snow …here is the trip …

The shadow was the reason for this shot ….I wish I was that thin ….

all about the trail in the snow and the bright umbrella …I know now why models have a half dozen people around them ..catch this ..pull that…straighten that ..oh my goodness …. one needs a360 degree mirror when they do this …

above is Vicky’s view of distance

Then Shelly took same shot from her angle ….are we having fun yet …..No No now I get tested to see if I know my left from my right and if I can follow directions

Thank you Ladies and Bless you I feel very much refreshed and ready to go again.. for next shoot……


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