Learning Something New

Decided back a few month that there was need..no want …no… no thought I wanted an extra camera body ..so I wouldn’t have to keep changing lens ….when I first got my nikonD40 it was a dream come through I had gone from a point and shot to a camera almost like my old 35 mm ….than it was a new lens then it was another type lens then a tripod ….the list is never-ending ….nights of study and more study and still more study…then I decided I must have the newest camera on market with all the things I thought I needed ……it is one thing to read and decide then actually test drive before you buy ….I don’t have buyers remorse but do question my need ,want ,desire,or thoughts of the a fore mentioned …..the camera is awesome please do not take me wrong ….but one needs a higher education then mine to understand it …I do not want to have to carry the book around rest of my life to use it ….I want to grab it wipe the lens and go …I no sooner took my first shots with it then I was no longer in love with it ..Oh I am sure I will grow to love it one day but right now it could go back in box and I would be happy ….here are a few shot taken with the new baby ….the first two shots were taken with new Nikon D5100..I know lot has to do with factory sittings and not knowing camera and with time it will change but I had higher hopes ….maybe to high a hopes..

Different angle same camera and lens using Nikon D5100 and sigma 55 /300 for first two shots ….

The next two shots were taken same day same time with NikonD40 and smaller lens …

next shot just a little different angle ….

Sometimes I need to really reconsider my wants and desires ….I am sure I will make it all work …. will probably come to love the newest camera but now it’s not happening ….oh yeah I hate the way the booklet that comes with camera is written ..looks like a memo graph copy ……hard to read ….even hardier to understand …. the cd is worst …they just copied the booklet ..no help what so ever….like reading a foreign book…..I am sure the camera will do everything I read about but it would take another person showing me how and explaining why ….back to inner drawing-room of my mind for now ….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bwbears
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 15:39:43

    Stunning photos!


  2. Leanova Designs
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 22:11:11



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