Creating a New Look

When first getting into cameras….long time back .. .a sweet lady shared her work from college with me … her daughter caught the bus with my children in the deep south…One morning she asks me in for coffee …. introduced me to her pride and joy …..her outlet to the world…her Pentax 35 mm ….it sat on the table between us ..each morning at her house over coffee she talked of going back to school and showed me her photos of learning in school…my hands grew more and more closer to her camera each morn …wanting to touch the little black box wanting to view the world through the viewer…one morning she met me at the back door in a jacket with her camera in hand ….come with me she says ….ok off we go into her little backyard…she hands me the camera …I am in shock …I am in Heaven….I am so afraid I would kill her camera ….she walks me through the lens …the viewer….the winder….she says have fun I will be right back …..she returns she says did you have fun ….Yes…four weeks later not only do I have a cheap 35 mm from Sears but I have a darkroom in my basement and tons of books to learn from …..
Today I have the old camera sitting in the closet with a broken winder spring ……from little point and shots to the Nikon ….. I have come so far from the early 70s to today’s cameras …… my darkroom is no longer a closet and chemicals but a laptop with many programs to play around in … is something from today’s play time
Below is the after effects of playing around with ones photos to make it worth looking at ….


This is the look before …

What a difference from years ago playing with chemicals in a dark closet and buying film and counting how many captures you had left before you clicked the shot …..come a long way baby long way ….can hardly wait to see what will come next ….can hardly wait …..


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