Tax Time

Tomorrow is appointment time with tax account……YUCKY time for me …and this year it is worst then ever…I am so far behind with things …have not even cared to try to keep up …..and next year will be worst ….no longer have a business….. so no write offs…but seems to be double the paper work because we closed the business….I feel like the shoe thrown over the wire across the roadway.

….not belonging in any certain place in life any more ……when we traveled down the road that day I was marking in my mind pictures that would be better taken with the sun behind me …..there were two very large tennis shoes thrown over the wire hanging moving back and forth with the wind…..on our return there was only one ….just dangling and moving back and forth in the wind …the second shoe was nowhere to be seen in the snow and no trace of it falling in the snow …maybe it traveled on with the persons spirit that had taken the time to tie them together and throw them….we slowed to watch for the shoes ….but had to be quick because of the traffic on that curve in the road…..I have to wonder where the other shoe went..
..the photos blurred because I was bracing against the window of the truck and trying to take the photo fast so we not slow the Alaska traffic in the wilderness …..laughing out loud here to self…thinking about taking photos from a car…if you see the photo and try to stop there seems to always be a car,truck ,semi,tractor,moose anything to make you decide against it ….but when you decide to stop there always seems to be triple the above things….have to design a bumper sticker for this summer ….move on people there is nothing left here to see I have already put it on my disks ….Moving on now …..


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