Curves and Bumps In Life

Life is so full of bumps ,curves….there are so many little things to be done ,but only so much time to do them…the cold darkness of the Alaskan winters has taken a toll on my inner me…it will soon be a year since my Mom’s death yet it seems like yesterday… all the bumps and curves on this carving at the Alaska Ice ….my life has been the whole trail of curves,bumps, thawing, freezing,maybe just maybe this once I need the sun to come and melt me so one can again move in life….

when the ice block is first given to the artist ….it is just a big slab of frozen water…..the artist sees the things within and begins to chip away all the ice …then if need be the artist melts all the little chips and freezes it back again and adds it to the art…then takes away what again is not needed …sort of like life …we all come as a blank but with in minutes we are part of a whole…then little by little things are added to each of us but sometimes life is cruel and things are taken back …………

sometimes one just needs to see only the black and white truth of the whole …just a second or two …just to get to the truth of the matter….

or maybe just looked at from a different angle and given another chance ….or maybe
maybe just look deeper in to the black and white of the whole and study …study …what is to come …in a few weeks all the beautiful work will change from just life happening to what was …but with each hour…second…mil a minute it will change and still be exciting to the eye and heart just going through a different take on life ….


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