Attitude Or Not

Back a few weeks the three camera totting ladies of Alaska went out to play ….nine to ten months of sub temps and snow can drive one to the brink of no return … we each brought bright colorful things to photograph in the white ……white did I mention how white the snow is ….even on a gray overcast day the snow is WHITE… of the ladies is a wonder at sitting up still life ….we had a blast …the colors were awesome against the snow ….one must make the most of the winter here in Alaska …inviting color and action into your life for some it is machines of fast movement for others it is two thin sticks of length with poles to balance and push with …or even the two-wheeled ..for some its a day of being together dressed in warm coats and boots just out strolling around local events ..but for us that day it was our cameras and colorful things to look at….
Couple days back ….every where I look ..I see things quote or words of encouragement ….really finding it a joy to see them…last few days it has been all about one’s attitude ….before going to the meeting with the tax accountant yesterday ….the best one of all appeared…If you think it will be bad it will be ….hummmmmmmm…but if you declare it will be great it will be … its up to you.……things went as we thought they would …actually a lot better than we thought they would… this morning when the attitude words showed up ..I really took heart …If you want something really bad … don’t just want ….act like you have it already ….So as I sit here ….the keys on the laptop are not keys they are a stirring wheel on my new car … new red four-wheel drive car that get damn great gas mileage …the screen is the windshield window to the new places I will go ….coming soon to your neighborhood I am ….beep… beep….. beep ….fancy horns are hard to come by


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  1. edshunnybunny
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 14:22:39

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow! So much snow!!! I can’t imagine.

    I love the idea of placing things in the snow and photographing them. I also love the idea of letting your computer be your vehicle to take you anywhere you want to go ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d like to go to the beach!


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