New Learning Curve

The new camera is so smart…..way smarter then it’s owner…..says owner cause …..I have not mastered its total yet….like before seems the booklet and CD that comes with the awesome new Nikon is not very readable …one must get advice somewhere else and even that is not always helpful……

Yesterday I decided to study by you-tubes ….first because learning for me seems to go faster when I see it being done….. it is easier to understand when one can see it done over and over….

So after watching the in camera selective color you- tube I decided to try it ….using a Christmas decoration bear with the three colors in the selective color buttons on the camera….I still need a few lessons …make that a lot… on one part of getting the right button to move from one color to next but here is the results of just going up and down with the color wheels …it was fun to stand in the sunshine and outside with out a jacket….and yes this crazy Alaska was outside in her PJ’s on her patio with a tripod …a Christmas decoration and a new camera ….melting snow all around me but fun was had by all … especially the kids on the school bus laughing a chubby little old grandma in her bright Yellow happy face Joe Boxer pjs with all her long hair blowing in the slight Alaskan breeze….here are the some results ….

The above shot was selective color but unlike the other two this one an actual color correction box appeared on the live view screen…

higher red and yellow numbers here ……

Just yellow numbers here …..this was fun but also disheartening to me even though I was learning I still was not retaining enough knowledge ..I want to be able to do it second nature …so happy it’s not film I am learning with …


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tina Creek
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 14:12:24

    The middle one is my favorite.


  2. rebeak123
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 14:26:09

    Thanks Tina and thank you for reading my blog… helps me cope with things around me and growing old ….


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