Learning More

Never to old to learn….. I am finding  out each day  …once you’ve dropped  expectations of grander  it becomes  fun ….when it was easy to see  how it was done  it

becomes second nature and fun …did I say FUN… when deciding there had to be someone out there willing to teach …being able to hear and see  how  it became fun to hold the camera again …..this one person is so excited to have the internet and all the other people on the internet willing to teach…..Yesterday  took new camera outside  on patio  …because  there was a wood pecker on the suet cage…but he was to fast and I was to slow …..figured what the heck ….just stood still in the warm Alaska sun ….waiting by bird feeder….sitting new camera to scene  mode and selecting bright light /snow …waiting …soon a little bird flew up to tree overhanging patio and sit singing …..here is the shot

then I turned and took a shot of a high bush choke cherry bush ….the blues of the shadow on the snow and the bright red berries caught my eyes and camera lens….it was viewing down through a black spruce tree boughs on to the bright snow …but i love this shot because of the bokeh

Testing the scene mode a few more times different angles…here is straight shot at snow…

then a shot at ice …this
is a little blurred because a bird flew out of feeder straight at me just as the camera was clicked …..
here is one more shot of the bird Picasa 3 just updated with a lot of new things one can do …..

starting to enjoy the fun of new camera…thanks Vicky and Shelly and John for helping me learn to learn again ….having fun now with a new learning curve….


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  1. Leanova Designs
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 23:36:56

    Love these!


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