Never More The Raven

I am always trying to capture this bird ….when no camera is in hand this bird is everywhere and close enough to touch ….yesterday we loaded up eggs for the feed store shop and off we went ..of course this time I took my cameras and was not expecting to see this guy so close …helped husband get eggs into store nad back out the door …I went and grabbed camera….picked new camera and used the scene setting first …the bird was in the shadow of the building but sitting on ice and snow all around …..took three quick shots ..while listening to the bird talk about the pebbles he was picking up …deep tones of gurgling came fourth from the bird as it picked up stones then dropped them to pick up another …here are the three shots using scene setting ….

Then I turned the setting to P on the dial and watched as the Raven walked out into the bright… bright…. Sunshine on the wet but bare parking lot …still talking and gurgling and picking up stones and dropping them again …I tried even using live feed but it wasn’t the right time to learn something new on camera…… this guy was about to change his mind about the stones in this parking lot …..but below is the difference a setting can make


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