My Take on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

The challenge is arranged I have a few photos that were arranged because …. I needed to shoot something for a 365 challenge ….My studio is usually on top of kitchen counter …on bathroom sink where light is ten times brighter or outside on rail of patio…I am cheap and don’t have my studio yet due to no heat yet in building …any excuse not to work for a living …..

Here is my takes on the word

found a wonderful mushroom in back yard decided to make it a little more interesting took a hose tender gnome and put it in the ground behind the mushroom….threw a few leaves as well…..

the challenge was foot wear or anything to do with footwear… grandfather used the shoe iron and the shoe ace to fix shoes when the heals of shoes was tacked on …or need a steady place to lay the leather of shoes…the dress shoes are my husbands …the arrangement was made on the table top with sunlight from window …

Wanting to remember certain things of my home as a child ..I arranged the above photo in my mother’s bedroom …this was arranged and taken a few days after her death….
Life is one big arrangement for many …we all collect and arrange what we think will please the eye….from how our house looks to the inside of our kitchen cabinets …life of planning and arranging and rearranging til the day we decide it was all for not


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  1. sf4images
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 15:09:49

    Nice arrangements! I came across this post and thought I recognized your name from my days on Flickr so I was interested to see your pictures.


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