Pays to Wait

We got a call for eggs …so we gathered .. cleaned … sized … packaged…labeled … dated …then off we went ….of course my cameras came along for the trip….one of those winter days when one really wants to just sit outside and soak up sun….bright sunny day with lots of melting going on ….while husband is dealing with eggs and business …my cameras hear the drip of ice off the roof of the baby chick building at the feed store…they have this really cute advertising sign for the building …each year it is a little different ….

took a few shots through the windshield …because I am always afraid of making a fool of self with camera…don’t know why …so is at behind a dirty windshield for most of the shots ..the chick barn still has Christmas lights up along with the blues of the building and the peeling paint ….this caught my eye….

Then as one is looking down the front of the building there were long rows of icicles all dripping little drops of water …..I took the following shot in my photo program and played with different things…. giving another take on icicles in Alaska

Then I played in HDR with one take of the icicles

Finally can not wait any longer …. I step down out of truck ….went over and stood under eve of roof …….waiting with camera ready….. to capture….. the drops of melting icicle

sixty some odd shots later …… YES WAITING DOES PAY


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. The Wanderlust Gene
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 17:42:15

    Oh, wow:). Wow:). Love it!


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